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Takayoshi Munemoto


Manual Skills Practitioner: Acupuncture, Lymph Therapy, Feldenkrais Method

Taka has been practising manual therapy since 2005. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) understanding how our body works in an integrated and holistic way. Holistic means interconnected line of related structures. In TCM, these lines are called meridian channels, which run entire body; head to toes, chest to hands and the other way around. In His whole-body approach treatment, it is unique and gentle in nature, but also great extent of promoting self-healing of the injured tissues. Taka studied TCM extensively from 5 elements balancing styles to Japanese style using the base of TCM.

Taka has been also certified by Dr. Vodder School International for treatment of lymphatic obstruction or congestion. Dr. Vodder school is one of the world leaders for the research and treatment of lymph blockage (lymph edema), and the developer of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques. A better lymph flow is so essential but often forgotten its importance. A smooth flow of lymph promotes our tissue/skin health, organ health, and it strengthens our immune system to fight back against foreign such as bacteria or virus attacking.

Taka has studied Feldenkrais Method. Dynamic approach for treatment of sensory, motor deficiency, coordination and balance issues. Feldenkrais Method uses the fine coordinated movements to ease the tight muscles, stiffed joints; pain reduction with better range of motion often can be seen. It helps to sense ourselves and strengthen our kinetic sense. A great way to prevent injuries, a great way to learn how to move our body in more efficient way or without pains.

Taka’s unique holistic approach of integrated treatment has educated and helped so many people. Taka is currently teaching at CCMH (Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy).

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